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The Reverend Harlow Jesse Carpenter
The Reverend
Harlow Jesse


WE HERE AT TWOLICK RECORDINGS are but humble folk, eeking out an honest wage in support of this modest - some might even say miniscule - parallel venture.

'TIS OUR GOOD FORTUNE to be a member of the Old 3C Label Group, an extension of the legendary Old 3C Records, one of the midwest's finest independent recording outlets.

AS SUCH, the modern World Wide Web allows for the instantaneous transmission of our audio artifacts to the digital receptacle of your choosing, id est Bandcamp, iTunes, and/or dare I say Amazon.

FOR THOSE WHO ADHERE to the archaic avocation of obtaining physical objects for one's collection, CDs are available for select titles. Simply peruse our roster to identify your acquisitional options.

ALAS, IF UNANSWERED QUESTIONS PERSIST, please do drop us a line at twolickrecordings@gmail.com.